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Loopd supports the safe and controlled development of digital and social literacy alongside learning outcomes.
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People ask us "Is social media appropriate for schools?"

The answer is unequivocally yes! Unsupervised and unsupported addiction to social media is damaging the relationships and connections we have to people — and the world around us. It is fundamental that children are deliberately educated in this medium from the moment they get a mobile device, if not before. We must adopt education practices that teach the benefit and value of online communication and warn people of the addiction and dangers, particularly to self-worth and sleep deprivation! I believe it is our duty as citizens who understand these dangers, to pioneer this change.

- Jonny Driscoll, CEO

Loopd for Schools

Loopd is the next generation of learning environment and places a stronger emphasis on collaboration and communication while training in parallel, responsible and effective behaviour on social media. This engages pupils in a safe online community that is relevant to their learning objectives.

What does Loopd do?

We help schools to deliver learning outcomes in a fun and engaging way so that kids and teenagers learn to use social media for positive collaboration. This casual environment also raises attainment by reinforcing academic experiences outside of the classroom.

How does Loopd do this?

Loopd brings together learning outcomes with casual conversation and is most applicable before and after school. It helps stimulate discussion and shared social-accountability in structured homework or extracurricular activities. Tasks can be scheduled on a 1-2-1 or 1-2-many basis and stimulate group interaction and inclusion.

Why is Loopd important?

Social-media is not inherently bad, however, ultimately any unsupported addiction damages the relationship we have to ourself and others. Loopd is therefore a ‘safe social media training ground’ to learn skills that help pupils to get the most value from using their mobile phone through adopting safe and responsible online behaviours. 55% of parents with children under 12 say that their child is on Facebook despite that Facebook’s minimum age is 13. (NSPCC)

Shocking Statistics

In 2011 38% of Facebook users were under 13 years old (that’s 8 million children)
In 2011 25% of Facebook users were under 10 years old (that’s 5.5 million children)
In 2011 55% of parents said that their underage child was on Facebook, yet only 10% of them had conversations about the dangers.

Half of sex crimes against minors were initiated on social networking sites.
39% of teenagers think that their online activity is private
55% of teenagers have given out personal information to someone they don’t know, including photos and physical descriptions.

One quarter of the adult population on Facebook have had private information made public without our permission.

These statistics below were collected from various resources including: Social Media and Young Adults, Global Insights Into Family Life Online, Cable in the Classroom 2011 and National Cyber Security Alliance.

Loopd Activities

We work with schools to help plan and structure group activities that can be delivered effectively through Loopd. Our activities are designed to support a collaborative experience that raises academic attainment while supporting the fundamental development of digital awareness and resilience.

Sample Activity

Our favourite way to work with schools is to accompany an existing module or course with complimentary digital activities. We include a comprehensive CPD session with teaching and support staff to familiarise them on Loopd and to equip them with the skills and digital-confidence necessary to engage with their learners online. We have a growing database of digital activities that you can purchase. Alternatively we can work with you to help convert your lesson ideas into a digital activity.

Content Partners

  • ELTjam helps people and companies build digital products that deliver amazing language learning experiences.
  • The Tablet Academy is an independent organisation created to support educational institutions to transform teaching and learning, through the integration of new and existing technologies. Through consultancy and training services, their team of qualified educators support over 600 schools, supporting more than 12,000 teachers a year.



Tablet Academy


Fun Safety Control

Loopd is carefully balanced to offer empowering social media experiences for pupils whilst ensuring the safety, responsibility and control necessary for an institution to confidently use.

Technical Structure

Loopd is a private advert-free network with ring-fenced security to ensure that nobody other than the intended participants can join. It also offers administration control over all content visibility and instant reporting by pupils themselves to build a socially responsible and resilient community. Overall Loopd empowers pupils to learn and play in the same space, and delivers the academic value as directed through structured activities. The level of empowerment is flexible to match the culture of the class or institution.

Cool Stuff

There are so many cool features in Loopd, where to start… A realtime newsfeed allows staff and pupils to share text, media and files in a beautifully visual way. Content can be drafted in advance and posted at specific times from any mobile or desktop allowing teachers the opportunity to prepare activities in advance (guaranteeing a smooth delivery on the day). Pupils can then message, comment and tag their friends to ask questions, offer feedback — and ultimately build a collaborative space to share in the learning experience.

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