Concept Innovation

To advance beyond Virtual Learning Environments we need to work towards a solution that empowers learning communities in a safe and secure way.

VLE's are generally useful in that they provide an online repository of course content, resources and database of performance metrics. This is relevant to students who are motivated by academia. However, more often than not, students have other motivations or commitments and the VLE was not designed to compete for attention. VLE’s struggle to inspire conversation and do little to engage students in the day-to-day activities of their courses.

Valuable resources (that staff spend hours uploading to VLE’s) are lost in the fight for attention with Facebook, SnapChat and others designed specifically to absorb our time. Nowadays a VLE has lost its relevance, value and impact and has become a burden to use.


So what does the next generation of learning technologies look like?

At Loopd we’re one of the few companies pioneering a new concept of learning technology that places the importance of information and human connection side by side. This combination places a value on relationships that charges learning with emotion.

Social networks have been utilising the strength of human relationships for almost two decades and have revolutionised many industries, this is very likely to happen to education if/when a social network can afford to align its goals with learning outcomes. To date all major social networks rely on advertising revenues and are therefore less valuable by nature for an institution.

At Loopd we align our goals with the productivity and outcomes of a learning community, this is our measure of success and we have built a sustainable business model that ensures we never need to sell personal data or use advertising.